Scottish Highland cattle (Hc) originate form the Highlands, Scotland. Scottish Highland cattle are the most ancient breed of cattle in the world. These animals survived for the hundreds of years in tough conditions of Scotland. Thanks to a cold climate, this breed of cattle has got unique double coat with very thick underfur and extremely long outer coat.

Grown-up bulls weight up to 800 kg and cows – up to 500 kg. New-born bull-calf weights 30 kg and cow-calf - 27 kg in average. One-year-old young bull has body weight of 306 kg and young cow - 249 kg.

Normally the cattle are coloured golden-brown, but they may also be yellow, white and black. The cattle have long and wide scattered horns. They grow up quite slowly. They live long; according to Finnish scientists, their first-calve-age is 37 months, and they may calve up to 18 years. The cows calve easily, and they are very caring mothers.

The cattle have simple taste on food, eating virtually everything what grows.

Vana-Veski Vacation Center friend-cattle like the most bread, apples, cabbage and carrots. They are very curious, friendly and calm. Do not be afraid, if they try to get breadcrumbs from your pocket with their long tongue, squeezing up against you their long horns and big head.
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