Catering only at pre-ordering at least 3 business days prior!
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for groups from 10 people

Choice I: 8€ / person 
Bean soup, curd with rolled oats, coffee/tee, water

Choice II: 10€ / person
Sprat pie with fried potato and onions, sweet bread soup, coffee/tee, water

Choice III: 12€ / person
„Mulgi“ porridge with bacon, kama with berries, coffee/tee, water

Choice I: 10€ / person 
Hotpot with chicken, curd cake, coffee/tee, water

Choice II: 12€ / person
Boiled pork with vegetables, thick pancakes, coffee/tee, water

Choice III: 14€ / person
Oven-baked pork flail with stewed cabbage and boiled potato, snow ball soup, coffee/tee, water

VAT will be added to the prices!