If you are after fun and you want to take a challenge for you fantasy and ability to do team-work, you will enjoy a team game "Photo-orientation"!

Number of participants: 10 - 40 people.
Duration of the game: 2,5 hours.

First, you will have to make teams and make up the names. Then Vana-Veski personnel will provide you with photo cameras and 10 envelopes with 10 photos of different places, located on the site of Vana-Veski Vacation Center. Each photo is accompanied with a task in form "You are...". In 2 hours the teams have to find all 10 places and fulfil the task. Your fantasy and courage will increase your chances to win!.
Each place found and a proper photo of that gives 1 point, which means that you can get 10 points in total. On top of that, every team can give 1 extra point to the most liked photos of the team.
There is ONLY one rule in the game: you should open one envelope at a time, in numerical order. All the rest is allowed!

Later you will watch the results on a big screen, which is a real cherry on the cake. Much fun is guaranteed!

Photos are to be uploaded to the web and link will be sent to the client by e-mail.

Konn 10 MK Hugo Boss 9 
Roosad paelad 9 Rosinante 12